Monday, September 3, 2012

So far so good!

We are safe and sound in Peru.  Everything went smoothly in the airport - no lost bags or anything - and we almost got bumped to a flight Sunday afternoon which would  mean  free dinner, free flight in the future (ie our flight home), free hotel for the night, but due to open seats and having too many volunteers, we flew out Saturday night. 

When we arrived, we had a nice man waiting for us from the Hostel we stayed at.  Good thing too because the taxi drivers were all over the place at the airport, and it was nice to have a ride waiting for us.  Driving through Lima, Peru... Holy. Smokes.  No idea how people even get a driver´s license here becuase apparently using your turn signal, and looking over your shoulder are optional.  Pretty sure I was holding my breath the entire ride to the Hostel - but we did make it all in one piece!  Upon arrival to the hostel, everyone was  extremely  welcoming and just wanted to have a good time.  Since it was our first time in Peru, the bartender gave us a free shot!  Good way to statrt out adventure...

We slept in the next morning, had breakfast at the hostel, then set out for what seemed to be a quick walk to the bus stop for our ride to Cusco.  It was great walking around - SUCH an active city.  Everyone is biking, walking, roller blading, or scootering around the city.  They even close down streets for people to do such activities , it was awesome to see all the families out.  After looking at a map, we realized we were a bit  futher from the bus  stop than we thought, so we waved down a cab.

Arriving at the bus stop four hours early, we had some time to walk around.  The market experience here is crazy - people set up blankets of just stuff and it ranges from sun glasses, to tv remotes, to children´s action figures, you name it, they had it on the street!  Makes the side walk a bit crowded, but we survived.  We found an amazing hole in the wall restauant  - I was personally addicted  to the mayo they served.  Weird I know, but we had 2 different kinds of chicken, rice, and french fries, and we gobbled it all up!

22 bus ride was next.  We bought seats that were able to recline all the way (I was thinking yeah right this is going to be a 22 hour megabus experience) but to my surprise, the seats reclined all the way, the brought us food and we watched movies (with english subtitles)!  Went way better than expected!

Arriving in Cusco was great - we walked around,  climbed up the Monumento Inka Pachacuteq that gave us a full view of the city (after being in higher elevation for, oh, 15 minutes, I wouldn´t recommend  hiking a TOWER  right away... but it was worth it.) We then walked to our hostel  where we are now and just explored the interesting city of Cusco.  Went to the cathedral, tried to find a bakery Nate had his eye on, but magically dissappeared - he is extremely determined to find it tomorrow).  Had a tasty dinner  - still on the hunt  for guinnea  pig! 

Next couple days are up in the air - but  Machu Picchu is on the list

Going to go grab a beer and take a free salsa dancing class!

Love and miss you all!



  1. Thank you so much for posting! I love hearing about what you guys are doing! I am so glad that things are going smoothly for you. I miss you both so much! Is Nathan any good at Salsa dancing? Love you both! Rachael

    1. I am the best salsa dancer ever! Minus the whole moving the hips thing...

  2. Ahhhh you guys are so freakin lucky! This trip sounds amazing so far. I miss you both and hope that you guys are having the time of your lives.

  3. love to read your descriptive and informative. Thanks for putting in the descriptions of the daily experiences you are having.....can't wait to see your pictures. I know it will be amazing and make me wish I could see it in person.
    love, mom