Friday, August 31, 2012

The first of many

Tomorrow we start our adventure! Thanks to everyone that has shown support and encouragement. We will arrive in Lima, Peru tomorrow night and plan on enjoying some sleep and then heading out the next morning for Cuzco. The plan is to head to Machu Picchu after acclimating for a couple days. After that we plan on hiking the Ausangate Circuit. Then we will head further up North to Iquitos and hike along the way (Santa Cruz Trek).  We don't want to spoil all the details now. So stay tuned. 


  1. So happy for you two, but miss you already....

  2. Have so much fun!! Can't wait to hear all about it! Miss you guys

  3. By now you should be in Cuzco......don't forget to try guinea pig???? a local speciality….Nancy Calderon told me that on pictures of the Last Supper, a Guinea pig is served…interesting…this is not just a way to get you to visit a local church….I do hope as you explore the culture you are open to learning about the strong religious and spiritual elements that permeate the culture of the Incas and modern day Peruvians.
    "The baroque main cathedral in the central tourist gathering spot of the Plaza de Armas is one of Cusco’s most impressive architectural structures. But perhaps even more fascinating when it comes to Cusco architecture are the surviving walls from the Inca. These walls were, and are, so strong that the Spanish often chose to simply build on top of them instead of destroy them. "

    love, mom

  4. I imagine you've already found this as it was fairly quick to come up on google.. but what am awesome/comprehensive website! I'm reading it and struggling to pick which things I'd want to try first!

  5. Hola Nathan! Your mom is right...try the guinea pig and drink lots of that
    special tea (it helps with the altitude). I loved Cusco. When you get to
    Machu Picchu, don't miss the bridge hike. I look forward to read about your
    adventures! Feliz Viaje!
    ~Nancy Calderon

  6. I posted the message from Nancy. As you remember she was recently in Peru....
    Glad you had a successful albeit muddy hike and are enjoying a few days of rest.