Sunday, April 14, 2013

Last leg of our journey

Can't believe we are home in a week. Time has FLOWN by, and we loved every minute of it. We have learned a ton about each other, and so grateful to have had this experience together, because chances are we would not have learned things about each other in the comfort of Minneapolis or Milwaukee. Challenging ourselves in way we never could have imagined, accepting each other as a traveler and as an individual, and learning how to deal with conflict on a different continent, just to name a few. I would not have done this trip with anyone else. We really work well together, have each others back, and I wouldn't trade that for anything. I wouldn't have made this trip any shorter and am so thankful to have the travel partner I do. Also grateful that this guy got me hooked on traveling :)

I am not sure how many more posts we will be able to write, seeing as out next step is an exciting 3 day bus ride to Lima to catch our flight home. But I will wrap up our last volunteer spot, and upload a few pictures.

We volunteered in a nice bed and breakfast for about 3 and a half weeks. AND (bonus points) it was the first place we volunteered that had wifi so we were able to keep in touch with family and friends more frequently! Almost like being in the real world. Almost. Casona del Rio was located in the Tigre Delta, about an hour outside of Buenos Aires. Tigre itself was a lovely little city, but the Tigre Delta was amazing. Instead of paved roads and street lights, it was a river! So every house had a boat if they needed to go into town or run errands around town. Small things like bread and fruits and vegetables could be dropped off right of the dock, we just had to the there to pick it up. Pretty cool.

Nate and I basically ran the bed and breakfast. Besides taking phone calls of incoming guests, our days consisted of setting up breakfast, dishes, and cooking. Pretty standard... The owners we incredibly generous and welcoming and we loved spending time with them. It was nice to not be in the chaos of Buenos Aires, and be in a nice relaxing spot on the river.

After about 3 weeks there, we decided to take one last trip and go to Uruguay. It was incredibly easy to get there from Tigre, so we thought why not? We are this close, might as well. Uruguay was a wonderful week of relaxing on the beach, and trying new foods. We stayed in Punta del Este, then Montevideo. Punta del Este is a nice beach town with more hotels than I have ever seen. All of them line the coast, and go into the city, but because it is low season now, it was pretty empty. Montevideo was a huge city. We walked around and saw a few of the tourist spots, and of course tried new food.

To be honest, we are kinda tired. Arriving in a new city and exploring doesn't have the same buzz it had at the beginning of the trip. We we still loving where we are, but are just doing less... And anxious to get home...

Shooting back into Buenos Aires, we were able to meet up with Nate's brother, Nick! He is here doing business and it was so fun seeing family! We walked around the city, got a tour of Casa Rosada, had a few tasty drinks, and at the end of the day our voices we hoarse from sharing so many stories. It was awesome.  Let the reunions begin :)

We will try and do one more post before we board the plane, or once we are home. Thank you for following our extraordinary adventure!!

Maddy and Nate


  1. LOVED reading about your great adventure Maddy! An experience of a lifetime! I KNOW your parents CAN'T WAIT to see both you and Nate!!! Safe rest of your travels!

    Margita Meyers

  2. Enjoyed the photos.....does seem strange to see Nicholas in your travel pictures! looking forward to seeing you both soon and hearing stories about your travels and adventures while sharing some favorite homemade meals.